Updates .git/tags file by scanning the project with the ctags command. It is configured for a php project. To make vim look for this file in the .git directory, you can install Tim Pope's fugitive or simply add set tags+=.git/tags to your .vimrc - some plugins (like ctrlp-tjump) require this to see the tags even if fugitive is installed.


You can specify which kinds of tags ctags should create:

git config hooks.php-ctags.tag-kinds cdfiv

Default value is cfi. Execute ctags --list-kinds if you want to see which tag kinds are available.

Optionally, you can set the projectType configuration, like this :

git config hooks.php-ctags.project-type projectType

Supported project types :

  • symfony1
  • symfony2

This will make ctags ignore cache directories.

If you want improved PHP languages support, install the patched version of ctags support.

Occurs on post-checkout, post-commit, and post-merge.


git config --add hooks.enabled-plugins php/ctags